Planned Giving

CMLC’s Land Legacy League

Local conservation is made possible by the generosity of more than one thousand CMLC members and supporters. You can choose to support Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy in many different ways on an annual and/or long-term basis - including bequests, lifetime planned gifts and/or gifts of cash, land, and securities. Along with greatly assisting the work of CMLC, the method of giving you choose can offer significant financial benefits to you and your family.

Bill McAninch and his wife Jerry have included CMLC in their estate plans. “The Conservancy will receive a bequest from my estate to help it continue to protect our rapidly diminishing natural heritage. Our children and grandchildren understand that--along with everyone else--they and their grandchildren will benefit from this gift.”

CMLC will help you explore the options for making your gift simple and advantageous, both for your family and CMLC. Working together, knowing the benefits of good planning and the tax advantages associated with the available choices, we can help you maximize the positive impact of your gift.       

Please talk with us. We also recommend that you discuss any planned gift with your attorney, accountant, and/or other financial advisors.  Here is a brief summary of the most common options for giving and the advantages they offer:

  • Cash or check
  • Gifts of land outright
  • Gifts of land while you continue to live on it
  • Life insurance
  • Bequests
  • Stocks, bonds, mutual funds or other publicly traded securities
  • Life income gift (remainder trusts)
  • Retirement accounts

The most important advantages of making a planned gift to Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy are that…

  • You accomplish your goal of supporting a valuable organization;
  • You help us protect important conservation lands;
  • You find the most advantageous way to make your gift meaningful both to you and CMLC; and
  • You leave a permanent legacy of conserved farm, forest, park and natural land in western North Carolina!

To make sure all of your goals are achieved, let us discuss  a planned gift with you.  Please contact Director of Development, Lynn Killian, at CMLC at 828-697-5777, ext. 202 or:

Thank you for your continued support to our mission of Saving the Places You Love!

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