Read CMLC's Summer 2012 Landscape Newsletter

In this issue:

  • For the Love of Nature: Protecting summer camps for our next generation

  • Land Conservation: A History of Giving by CMLC Executive Director Kieran Roe;
  • 12th Annual Conservation Celebration & Mountains of the World Raffle;

  • Bearwallow Beast 5K Results;

  • Our Newest Yellow Lady Slipper Volunteer: Kevin Simpson;

  • AmeriCorps Project Conserve: 52,000 Hours of Service to WNC;

  • DuPont State Forest Grows By 65 Acres;

  • CMLC Hiking Challenge 2.0 is coming;

  • New Hickory Nut Gorge Guidebook;

  • CMLC is Fueling Good;

  • CMLC Welcomes CTNC Diversity Intern Imani Wilburg-Folds;

  • New Trustees Join CMLC's Board

  • Thanks for the Memories: Julie Brockman & 2011-2012 AmeriCorps Project Conserve members

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