Balancing Nature & Commerce in Transylvania County Workshop Session 4: Regional Partner Resource Panel

Balancing Nature and Commerce in Transylvania County

Session 4 Resources: Regional Partner Resource Panel

  1. “Capital Campaign Case Statement Elements”

  2. “How to Do Successful Fundraising.”

  3. National Endowment for the Arts. “Federal Funding Opportunities for Rural Cultural Heritage Tourism Projects.

  4. *Natural Capital Investment Fund (NCIF), Appalachian Sustainable Logging Initiative Brochure.

  5. *Natural Capital Investment Fund (NCIF), Energy Efficiency Brochure.

  6. *Natural Capital Investment Fund (NCIF), Financing Farms and Food-Related Businesses Info Sheet

  7. *Natural Capital Investment Fund (NCIF), Impact Report (2012).

  8. Orton Family Foundation. “Stewarding the Future of Our Communities”. (2012).

  9. Partnership for Sustainable Communities. “Federal Resources for Sustainable Rural Communities”. (2012).

  10. Partnership for Sustainable Communities. “Supporting Sustainable Rural Communities”. (2011).

  11. “SWOT Analysis Template”

  12. Web Resources:
    1. AdvantageWest Economic Development Group.
    2. Appalachian Regional Commission.
    3. Golden LEAF Foundation.
    4. GroWNC.
    5. Land of Sky Regional Council.
    6. Financial Strategies, Smart Communities Network.
    7. Natural Capital Investment Fund (NCIF).
    8. NC Rural Economic Development Division.
    9. Opportunity Finance Network.
    10. ShadeFund.
    11. The Community Foundation of Western North Carolina.
    12. US Economic Development Administration.



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