Balancing Nature & Commerce in Transylvania County Workshop


Charting A Course for the Next 150 Years: Balancing Nature & Commerce in Transylvania Co.

Photo by Siulinski

From March 5-7, 2014, community leaders convened in Brevard, NC to explore one of the most significant issues facing our community–balancing community and economic development while preserving the natural, cultural, and historical assets that make Transylvania County distinctive.

Through case studies, presentations, exercises, and work sessions, Workshop Action Plans were developed for community discussion and implementation. These resources are available below:

Workshop Contents:

Workshop Objectives:

  • Learn how to position Transylvania County to best attract entrepreneurs and a diversified workforce;

  • Understand what makes Transylvania County distinctive and how we can capitalize on our natural, cultural, and historical assets for the benefit of all residents;

  • Collectively discuss Transylvania County’s character and learn how to preserve, enhance, and maintain this character while still planning for growth;

  • Hear case studies of communities who have successfully used asset-based economic development to their advantage, sparking growth and revitalization;

  • Build the capacity to expand and diversify our County’s base of partners and learn how to foster the next generation of leaders;

  • Create concrete action plans to strengthen the existing physical, cultural, commercial and natural infrastructure of the County – help chart a course for the next 150 years!

  • Increase our County’s ability to financially profit from the natural, cultural, and historical assets of the area;

  • Increase capacity in our County by further developing leadership skills necessary to organize and motivate people to accomplish goals;

  • Learn to foster partnerships and identify areas for future collaborations;

  • Generate discussions to establish a local and regional network of contacts and tools;

  • Create and maintain mechanisms for ongoing communication with regional and state-level efforts;

  • Learn to balance growth and development with smart conservation practices to maintain our County’s sense of place and unique natural assets;

  • Explore viable opportunities for sustainable financial growth in our County, providing a solid economic base for future generations

 Workshop Outreach:

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This event was offered in partnership with Carolina Mountain Land ConservancyThe Conservation FundBrevard CollegeCity of BrevardTown of RosmanTransylvania County, and the North Carolina Cooperative Extension Service and is made possible through funding by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.


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