Tips to Completing the Hiking Challenge 3


Be efficient; combine more than one hike in a day

Because several hikes in the Hiking Challenge are within reasonable proximity to each other, the most efficient way to complete the CMLC Hiking Challenge is to combine two or more hikes in one day. The following hikes are easily combined within a single day and reduce overall travel time:

  • Bearwallow Mountain, Trombatore Trail, and Little Bearwallow Falls

  • Alexander's Ford & Buffalo Creek Park (Weed Patch Mountain)

Other useful Hiking Challenge tips:

  • print out driving directions and trail descriptions at home before leaving for your hikes
  • carry plenty of water on each hike
  • dress in layers and be prepared for wet weather and drastically changing temperatures
  • wear sturdy hiking footwear
  • even when short in distance, many trails are very steep; bring a hiking pole or walking stick
  • CMLC Challenge hikes will take you to many of WNC's most scenic locations: bring a camera!
  • find hiking partners, organize carpools, and share stories & photos of your hikes online at the CMLC Hiking Challenge Facebook page!


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