CMLC Hiking Challenge 1.0

Looking for newer versions of CMLC's Hiking Challenge? Click HERE for 2.0 and HERE for #3!

ATTENTION: CMLC and Mast General Store can no longer offer gift certificates and patches for Hiking Challenge 1.0. Completers will receive a patch if desired. New hikers may still participate in Hiking Challenge 1.0 and are encouraged to do so, but will not receive rewards. Consider taking the new Hiking Challenge 3 to earn a $10 gift certificate and the White Squirrel version 3 patch.

Explore. Discover. Preserve.

What You Do: Complete 8 Hikes
What You Get: Hiking Patch, Free Hiking Gear
Why You Should Do It: Have Fun, Support Land Conservation

The CMLC Hiking Challenge encourages outdoor enthusiasts—and anyone interested in keeping western North Carolina’s mountains beautiful—to explore and discover for themselves the lands that Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy has helped preserve. Get out and experience our conserved lands up close and personal!  See what we protect, where we protect it, and why we protect it.

By completing eight hikes among our most spectacular conserved locales, learn why we work so hard to protect the most amazing areas of our southern Appalachian mountains.

Completers of the eight hikes will earn our unique white squirrel-themed embroidered hiking patch, a certificate of completion, recognition in our online and print publications, and a $20 gift certificate for hiking gear at Hendersonville's Mast General Store! 

Hike to support land conservation as Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy continues its pursuit of saving the places you love.


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