WAC-HNG Goat Program

Using livestock to control non-native invasive plants is an ecologically friendly technique. No machinery needs to be used, and little to no herbicide is needed to control large monocultures of non-natives. Goats in particular are very effective in the gorge; they are perfectly built for navigating the steep terrain that makes up this area.

The Weed Action Coalition of the Hickory Nut Gorge (WAC-HNG) will recommend, and contracts with, local businesses that will “rent” out their goats for non-native invasive control. Additionally, due to the growing need for this type of control, WAC-HNG has facilitated the start of a new goat business here in the Hickory Nut Gorge and will begin utilizing their services this spring.

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Goat Updates 



Monday May 18, 2015
"On the morning of Monday May 18, 2015, WAC-HNG's Steward and Assiciate went to check on the goats. Though, at that moment, the goats were mostly napping and cooling off in the shade, they have already made quite the impact on the vegetation in just 1 week. HNG Steward, David Lee,estimates that the goats will have cleared the first 1 acre sections in another 1.5 weeks. Then, the goats will move on to the second 1 acre section."
           -Chelsea Rath, WAC-HNG Associate
May 2015
"Starting May 12, 2015, the ‘goats of the gorge,’ previously seen working along HWY 74-A last fall, will be working near the attraction at Chimney Rock State Park. The project is made possible by the partnership of Chimney Rock State Park (CHRO), Chimney Rock Management, LLC., the Friends of Chimney Rock State Park, and the Weed Action Coalition of Hickory Nut Gorge (WAC-HNG). Goats, fence, and maintenance during the project are provided by KD Ecological Services (KDES), a local habitat management and restoration business out of Mill Spring, NC."     
              -Chelsea Rath, WAC-HNG Associate
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Say 'Hello' to Some of our Goats!

Anna Lee                               Jasper



Bonnie                                   Jill


Cassidy                                  Max


Daisy                                     Clyde


Goats provided by KD Ecological Services.

If you have questions about WAC-HNG, how you can help fight invasives, or are interested in adopting a goat, please contact WAC-HNG at contact@wachng.org or 828-625-9983 ext. 506.

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